2017 Ready & Armed Paradise Trip Qualifications

You could join us in a Cruise on the Carnival Paradise! Sit back and enjoy
this 5 Day trip to Key West, FL & Cozumel, Mexico!   

Let me tell you about your trip.....

We will Board the Carnival Paradise in the port at Tampa, FL on
Saturday Oct 14, 2017.  While on this boat you will have a semi-
private room (1 roommate unless you qualify or purchase for a
friend), unlimited food, unlimited soft drinks (soda, tea, coffee, hot
cocoa, iced tea, & lemonade), {but we didn’t stop there!}, you also get
up to 15 drinks from the bar per day! {limited by Carnivals Drink
Package} This includes mixed drinks, frozen drinks, beer & wine!  
We also will cover the tips for all the staff that create an atmosphere
that you won’t want to go home from!  Sit back and prepare to be

Our First Stop along this trip is to the great city of Key West, FL! This
city has tons of things for you to do! Ready & Armed will treat you to a
walk around town and end at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum!

Experience the strangest place in all Key West! Ripley’s Believe It or
Not! Odditorium.
 A Odditorium of the odd, bizarre, and unusual
featuring over 10,000 sq feet of exhibits. Encompassing the entire
second floor of the historical building, with over 500 exhibits in 13 air
conditioned galleries and outdoor balconies!

The only place in Key West where you’ll be greeted by a man-eating
shark, an 8-foot tall statue of Cpt. Jack Sparrow made from recycled
car parts, or a beautiful carving of a landscape made entirely out of
camel bone. If you think that’s weird, that’s just our lobby! More
unbelievable exhibits await you inside.

But don't stop here! Once you step out of this place there are many
more things to check out:

Top Ten Things in Key West:
1.  Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory
2. Dry Tortugas National Park
3. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum
4. Harry S. Truman Little White House
5. Saint Mary Star of the Sea
6. Mallory Square
7. Duval Street
8. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum
9. West Martello Tower
10. Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

In addition to these wonderful things, there are the boat excursions
and local shopping/tourist things. 


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And then we go back onto the Boat for yet another destination!

Here is where I am ready to be! Swinging on the Hammock, resting in
the pool, or just sitting on the beach - with a drink in our hands and
nothing to do!  Can you picture it? I know I can!

Ok back to reality! But just for now!

In Cozumel Mexico! Ready & Armed will treat you to a day at this great
Resort! We will arrange transportation to and from the boat, entrance to
the resort, food & drinks (all kinds), and some activities!

At this resort, you will find bounce toys in the water (included),
Lounge chairs on the beach (included),
A grand buffet to eat from all day (included),
and multiple bar locations to get drinks (included).

Great adventure experiences are waiting for you at Mr. Sancho's
Beach Club in Cozumel
Our place offers a list of activities that you can choose from,
surrounded by natural landscaping and the best Caribbean reefs.

Mr. Sancho's beach club is the perfect place in Cozumel for water
 such as SnorkelingScuba Diving, Wave Runners,
 and much more.

There are other exciting options like Horse Back Riding and ATV
 that are experienced at the Cozumel jungle and beach.


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Alright so how do you get to take this FREE Trip with us?

When is the Incentive Trip? OCT 14, 2017 - OCT 19, 2017

Where will we go?
OCT 14, 2017 - OCT 19, 2017

Points you need:  
You = 55,000
You + Guest = 87,000

$1.00 in Personal Sales Volume (PSV) = 1 Point
        • Does not include any Sales Rep Back Office Products
or Marketing Tools.

Personal Recruit: 500 points
         • Must be personally enrolled during the qualification period
(No compression).
         • New recruit must be “active” at the end of the qualification period.
         • Active is defined as not terminated.
         • No PSV requirement for the new recruit.

9mm Reps sponsored during Qualification Period:
1st = 1,000
2nd = 1,500
3 or more: 2,000 each
          • Must be personally enrolled during the qualification
period. Compression does not count.
          • A new rep must have an enrollment date with Ready & Armed
between October 1, 2016 & June 30, 2017 to have them count for the
new Rep Points.

Rank Advancements during Qualification Period:
.38 Caliber = 1,000
9mm Caliber = 1,500
.40 Caliber = 2,000
.45 Caliber = 3,000
.50 Caliber = 5,000
Each month you hit this rank - you get this as a bonus! 

2017 Incentive Career Rank Consistency Bonus = 5,000 Points
• The rank that the Rep starts with after the Dec commission
period closes is the starting title.
• A Rep cannot be paid at any rank lower than the Dec career
title any month during the qualification period.
• If they promote to a higher rank during the qualification period the
consistency bonus will be calculated based on the new career title for
the balance of the qualification period. For the balance of the
qualification period they cannot be paid at a lower title than the
new career title.
• Points will be rewarded after the June 2017 commission period has been calculated.

What should I expect for travel and accommodations? 
• Rooms for the incentive earners are all double occupancy type rooms.
Two Twin Beds per room. Ready & Armed will assign roommates for
those who did not earn for a guest to attend.
• Ready & Armed will select your room. No substitutions will be made.
• Transportation to and from Tampa, FL will not be provided.
• Parking at the Port will not be provided.
• All Inclusive package has been purchased for this trip.
Included within your trip will be breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Each person will be allowed
UNLIMITED meals per meal-period.
Unlimited drinks are included from
a wide variety of bars and restaurants.
•Check-in time for the boat is 2:00 PM and check-out time is 9:00 AM.

What all is included in this trip?
*Your room on board the Carnival Paradise
*Your tips to the onboard crew for services provided that week
*Private Ready & Armed Cocktail Hour on board Carnival Paradise
*All entertainment provided on the boat –
that is not have an additional fee by Carnival.
*Your drinks aboard the Carnival Paradise
(limited by the drink package set by Carnival)
        *Soda/Pop – Yes
        *Juice/Milk – Yes
         *Coffee/Tea - Yes
        *Frozen Drinks Virgin – Yes
        *Alcohol Drinks – Yes within limits of the Carnival Drink Package.
                *You must be 21 to order Alcohol Drinks
*Transportation to and from Senior Sanchez Beach in Cozumel
*Entry to the Senior Sanchez Beach
*Unlimited Drinks (Virgin & Alcohol) and food at Senior Sanchez Beach that day.
                  *You must be 18 to order drinks at Senior Sanchez

Do I need a passport? No, since we will leave and come back to
Tampa, Fl no passport is required. However, should there be any issues
you cannot fly home.  You will need a Certified Copy of your Birth
Certificate and a Current Photo ID if you do not have a passport.

Am I allowed to bring a guest with me on the Incentive Trip? Yes!
you can earn for a guest to accompany you on the Incentive Trip.
Buying in a guest is available, if you would like to do this please email

Can I bring my children on the Incentive trip to stay with me? Yes!
Children must be 6months or older due to restrictions from Carnival.

How many people can fit in 1 stateroom? You can have up to 4
people in one room.  2 Twin or 1 King on the floor and 2 bunk beds
above the bottom beds.

If I earn the trip and cannot attend can I transfer my incentive trip
to someone else? 
No. If a Rep earns the incentive Ready & Armed will
give a $500 product credit in lieu of the trip.

The product credit order will be placed manually by Ready & Armed
upon your request. No commissionable volume will be received for the
$500 product credit.

We understand that unexpected situations happen. People get sick,
injured and even pass away. To stay consistent with our policies “no
exceptions” will be made. We are sorry.

When will I be notified that I earned the Incentive Trip?  Earners will
be notified by July 15, 2017 if they qualified for the incentive trip. Once
a Rep earns the incentive trip they must confirm by July 30, 2017 with
an email to help@readyandarmed.net that they will be attending.

Additional Questions? Please contact Ready & Armed at
(614.285.7746), or email help@readyandarmed.net for any additional
questions you may have regarding the 2017 Incentive Trip.

Disclaimer: Ready & Armed reserves the right to revise or republish
the terms of this Incentive Trip Program at any time during the
qualification period. Should you earn the Incentive Trip, and it be
canceled for any reason and not be rescheduled you will receive a $500
product credit.

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